Cosmetic dentistry can correct crooked teeth, yellowing or discoloration, chipped or broken teeth, and gaps creating a healthy and beautiful smile.

Dentists that specialize in this treatment are skilled in improving dental health and the overall aesthetic of the smile. Learn more about cosmetic dentistry and whether or not you would be a good candidate.

What Is Cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the practice of using dental procedures to improve the symmetry, harmony, or coloration of a patient’s teeth. It can fix issues that have evolved over time, such as surface stains and considerable tooth wear, as well as pre-existing issues, such as deep discoloration and teeth that have formed wrongly. Cosmetic dental procedures can help you get the smile of your dreams, whether addressing a single issue or a comprehensive smile makeover.

The following are some of the most prevalent cosmetic dentistry procedures:

  • Enhancing your teeth (bonding, dental crowns-, and porcelain veneers).
  • Selectively removing tooth structure.
  • Straightening teeth to align the bite and facial structure of the patient (orthodontics).
  • Repairing discolored teeth(bleaching, teeth whitening).

Types of cosmetic dentistry

The length and type of treatment can depend on your specific needs. Cosmetic dentistry often includes the following procedures:

Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening lightens the color of the teeth that have been discolored due to aging, smoking, or surface stains from food and drink. This can be accomplished using bleaches or abrasives. While there are at-home teeth whitening solutions, they are often less effective than those offered in-office.

Dental crowns and bridges
Dental crowns and caps are artificial coverings that are put over teeth to improve their aesthetic, function, and structural integrity. To replace one or more lost teeth, dental bridges connect two crowns with an extra prosthetic tooth. Both methods can be used to return damaged teeth to their normal state.

Dental veneers
Dental veneers are thin layers of synthetic material that are put over the natural teeth. They are used by patients who desire to improve the color, form, or alignment of one or more of their teeth.

There are porcelain and composite veneers, each having advantages and disadvantages. Composite veneers are less costly and may be installed more rapidly than porcelain veneers, but porcelain veneers last longer and more convincingly mimic the appearance of real teeth.

Reveal (Clear Aligners-Ortho treatment)
Reveal- Clear Aligners is a braces-free solution that employs a series of transparent aligner trays to straighten the teeth. Over the course of many weeks, each tray progressively adjusts the position of the teeth and if worn correctly and consistently, the teeth will be brought into perfect alignment.

This treatment is frequently months-long and needs rigorous attention on the side of the patient, but it is more convenient than traditional metal braces and can achieve excellent results.

Dental fillings

The primary purpose of dental fillings is to cure tooth decay. If you have obvious silver-colored amalgam fillings, cosmetic dentists at our dental office can replace them with more visually aesthetic composite fillings.

Through a technique known as dental bonding, it may even be feasible to replace worn, chipped, or otherwise damaged teeth with filling material. This method conceals the imperfection by filling up the gap where the missing tooth structure would typically be.

Dental implants/ Implant Restorations

Dental implants are devices that can be used to replace a lost tooth permanently, in which you will be referred to an oral surgeon to place the implant. Our dentist would be the one to then place the abutment and crown once the oral surgeon gives us the go ahead to do so. They are made up of three components: a titanium implant screw, an abutment, and a crown. Crowns are composed of materials such as porcelain, ceramic, and zirconia to precisely match the hue and translucency of the natural teeth.

What age is best for cosmetic dentistry services?

Most treatment choices are only suitable for adults. Professional teeth whitening involves strong chemicals, that although are perfectly safe for most adult patients, may be too harsh for younger patients. Patients should be of adolescent age before considering this form of dentistry.

Dental crowns are appropriate for individuals of any age who have had serious damage to at least one tooth. While children’s teeth are less likely to have incurred enough damage to warrant this treatment, certain young patients may benefit from the additional protection provided by dental crowns.

Dental implants can only be inserted in a fully formed jaw, making them unsuitable for younger patients. Once a patient reaches adulthood, they can safely undergo this procedure. Many older patients elect to have implants to replace teeth lost earlier in life, which can actually assist in reducing the natural deterioration of the gums and jawbone that happens with the aging process.

Dental bonding and dental veneers are minimally invasive treatments that are appropriate for all adult patients who desire them.

Cosmetic dentistry can improve dental health

While cosmetic dentistry is primarily focused on dental appearance, it may also have a substantial impact on dental health. Orthodontic treatment straightens teeth, making flossing simpler and reducing gaps and tight corners that may otherwise collect food or plaque. It can also aid in the reduction of teeth grinding, which will keep the enamel intact for a longer period of time and protect teeth from cavities.

Similarly, fixing chipped or broken teeth with bonding, crowns, and other forms of aesthetic dental treatment seals susceptible regions of the tooth and aids in the prevention of future decay. Cosmetic dentistry, in addition to improving the aesthetics of the smile, may be viewed as an investment in overall dental health.

Benefits of cosmetic dentistry:

Improve the smile — Most aren’t born with the perfect smile, and sometimes teeth deteriorate over time. Cosmetic dentistry can work miracles in addressing these concerns.

Bleaching and whitening – Whitening trays and gel are custom-made for each client at the dental office enabling whiter the teeth, typically by seven shades.

Cosmetic restorations – Cosmetic dentistry can provide crowns or bridges to restore tooth breakage or loss. Cosmetic dentistry can provide a tooth-colored filling and, if necessary, a matching crown.

A top cosmetic dental Facility in Tucson

Rincon Family Dentistry is one of the top family dentistries in Tucson, AZ for porcelain veneers, dental crowns, teeth whitening, and other cosmetic dental operations. Rincon Dentistry strives to provide patients with attractive, functional, and healthy dental results. Our goal is to help our patients regain their smiles.

We want to address dental concerns for those who are embarrassed by their teeth and avoid smiling in public. We enjoy celebrating with our patients who are thrilled with the outcomes of their teeth whitening, veneers, or mercury filling removal — uncovering a whole new smile.

Everyone should be able to smile and laugh confidently. Current cosmetic dental treatments can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.